• Auditory Integration Training

    “My 10-year-old child stated after a couple of days into the AIT therapy: ‘The buzzing sound is gone!’. His reading and writing has improved. There has been a great decrease in anxiety.”
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  • Online Sessions

    “I have Rheumatoid Arthritis which is now in remission. I have a new flexibility and sleep very well. This has improved my quality of life.”
    – A 92 year old woman

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  • Neuroplasticity

    According to the ATEC scoring, my son does not qualify anymore for autism. Yes, I agree with Normand Doidge:

    “…many ‘circuits’ and even basic reflexes that we think are hardwired, are not.”
    The Brain That Changes Itself

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  • Assessment

    Analysing modes of physiological brain function and dysfunction

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  • Neurodevelopment Through Movement

    Giving the brain a “second chance” (Sally Goddard)

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  • An Efficient Brain

    Mental and emotional flexibility with stability
    “The constant busyness in my head, the constant shifting of tasks have all but stopped. I can focus more clearly…My listening skills have greatly increased. Highly recommend for anyone young or old.”

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  • Optimal Brain Function

    “NeuroMovement® was an integral part of my healing toolbox that helped me go from a coach with chronic daily pain to hiking a mountain.”

  • Neurofeedback Training

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  • Orton-Gillingham Training for dyslexia

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  • Neurodevelopment Through Movement Training

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    Our Goal

    Give the brain a “second chance” toward self-regulation,
    from the brainstem (basic body functions)
    to the pre-frontal cortex (executive functions)

    Our Conviction

    is all about neuroplasticity


    Our Clinic is Open & we offer Online Coaching Sessions- Worldwide

    NeuroDevelopment Through Movement Coaching

    Anat Baniel NeuroMovement Method Coaching

    Tutoring- Reading Comprehension


    It is all about Brain Plasticity

    The good news is that almost any brain, regardless of its level of function, can be trained to function better.

    “…brain plasticity is about the brain’s incredible power: its ability to actively re-wire itself to enhance skills and recover lost function… from the cradle to the grave…
    we can change the very structure of the brain itself and increase its capacity to learn.

    Unlike a computer, the brain is constantly adapting itself… always “learning to learn”… the key to drive plastic changes is to give the brain the right stimuli, in the right order, with the right timing…”

    – Michael Merzenich, Neuroscientist,
    one of the main world’s leading researcher on brain plasticity


    Target Population







    Our Team

    Suzanne Day

    Neurofeedback Training

    David Day

    Reading for Dyslexics

    Joanne Naccarato

    Anat-Baniel NeuroMovement Method®


    *Note: Neuroclinic Barrie as well as their agents do not diagnose nor prescribe for medical or psychological conditions nor claim to prevent, treat, mitigate or cure such conditions, but rather provide brain learning experiences aiming self-regulation that may benefit conditions linked to brain functions.