• Neurofeedback Training

    After 20 years of regular panic attacks, I thought it was normal to feel anxious! Neurofeedback training helped me to deeply experience being calm yet able to function…

    I was able to go back to work
    after 6 months of absence!

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  • Online Sessions

    “NeuroMovement® is profound… the slow, the quiet, the basic movements work in “indescribable” ways. More surprising, my progress was done though online sessions!” – A thankful professional

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  • Neuroplasticity

    According to the ATEC scoring, my son does not qualify anymore for autism. Yes, I agree with Normand Doidge:

    “…many ‘circuits’ and even basic reflexes that we think are hardwired, are not.”
    The Brain That Changes Itself

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  • Assessment

    Analysing modes of physiological brain function and dysfunction

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  • Neurodevelopment Through Movement

    Giving the brain a “second chance” (Sally Goddard)

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  • An Efficient Brain

    Mental and emotional flexibility with stability

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  • Optimal Brain Function

    “Neurofeedback training has helped out son to reach his true potential. Thank you so much.”
    – Parents of a young adult diagnosed Asperger

Sessions for Adults and Seniors

Anat Baniel Method® Sessions for Adults and Seniors


Brain Injury and Rehab




Pain Relief


NeuroMovement® ABM® addresses

Chronic Pain
Stroke Recovery
Parkinson’s Disease
Multiple Sclerosis
Traumatic Brain Injury
Coordination Issues

Cerebral Palsy
Neurological Disorders
Recovery from Injury or Surgery
Anxiety and Depression
Developmental Delays
Sensory Integration
Autism Spectrum Disorders
Learning Disabilities
Genetic Disorders


NeuroMovement® helps your brain to do its own job better by introducing it to the easiest and most efficient way of functioning. This is done through subtle manipulations and movements that promote awareness and encourage the creation of new neural networks. When the brain wakes up to perceive differences, old neural pathways that drive pain and limitation can diminish and new pathways that promote strength and vitality can emerge.

When new functions begin to emerge, they will often feel seamless, organic, and a part of who you are as a person, rather than achieved.


“It is effective where other treatments have not been, and it is at times almost miraculously effective where medical science has either given up, or where, out of desperation, painful and often counterproductive measures have sadly become the standard of care. It helps adults, and it has helped many children whose parents have been told that there is no hope. The families with previously incurable children are stunning testimonial to the real world utility of this Method.”

– Christopher Ryan, M.D., Denver, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation