• Neurofeedback Training

    After 20 years of regular panic attacks, I thought it was normal to feel anxious! Neurofeedback training helped me to deeply experience being calm yet able to function…

    I was able to go back to work
    after 6 months of absence!

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  • Online Sessions

    “NeuroMovement® is profound… the slow, the quiet, the basic movements work in “indescribable” ways. More surprising, my progress was done though online sessions!” – A thankful professional

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  • Neuroplasticity

    According to the ATEC scoring, my son does not qualify anymore for autism. Yes, I agree with Normand Doidge:

    “…many ‘circuits’ and even basic reflexes that we think are hardwired, are not.”
    The Brain That Changes Itself

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  • Assessment

    Analysing modes of physiological brain function and dysfunction

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  • Neurodevelopment Through Movement

    Giving the brain a “second chance” (Sally Goddard)

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  • An Efficient Brain

    Mental and emotional flexibility with stability

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  • Optimal Brain Function

    “Neurofeedback training has helped out son to reach his true potential. Thank you so much.”
    – Parents of a young adult diagnosed Asperger


The video provides all the instructions needed for parents to do this neurodevelopmental program with their child at home. You may enjoy watching several video clips on this website that report the increase in performance supported by standardized testing results before and after using this program.

BONUS (special offer for a limited time)
An additional 60min personal consultation online (value $130.00 per hour) free of charge.
The video and the hour consultation is a total value of $250.00.
Your cost is $120.00 CAD for the video and the consultation.

Procedure on how to access this hour of consultation bonus:
First: listen to the video attentively and review it as often as you need in order to better understand the concepts and how to deliver the program efficiently to your child. We recommend that you first practice with an adult in order to make a list of your questions. This additional hour of consultation aims at answering these questions. When you are ready, send us an e-mail in order to reserve an hour with Joanne: jnaccarato@neuroclinicbarrie.com

NOTE: When you order this video, we are providing at no additional charge (a value of $130.00 per hour), one hour personal consultation with our certified neurodevelopmental consultant. This hour aims at answering questions that you may still have. You may choose to use this hour to show us on Zoom, how you are doing with your child doing the program and to receive our advice on how to be more specific with your child’s difficulties in order to be more efficient.

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