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Dedicated professionals looking at the
root causes of brain inefficiencies for

Children & Teens – Early Intervention is Best


ADHD: “Today in class I caught myself daydreaming…I remembered what I am doing in neurofeedback and I was able to bring myself back to listen to the teacher.”


Asperger: “My biggest challenge was lack of sleep…after a few sessions not only was I sleeping better but I was able to deal with some obsessive thoughts.”

Learning and attention span difficulties as well as behavioral issues are manifestations of brain inefficiencies.

Adults & Seniors


CEO: “Since starting neurofeedback I can now keep my concentration and emotions stable during stressful meetings.”

Senior: “I cannot stop aging but I can slow it down! Neurofeedback keeps me sharper.”

Neurofeedback training: an important intervention in an anti-aging program.

“Neurofeedback has been shown to improve cognitive flexibility, creativity, athletic control, and inner awareness.”
- Mason and Brownback, Journal of Neurotherapy (2001)

Our interventions address the need for functional neurological re-organization

We are especially concerned with the more “intractable” brain-based problems of childhood whose needs are not currently being met such as seizures, conduct and bipolar behaviours, brain injury, and birth trauma.

Many adult problems are rooted in unresolved childhood reactions to threatening situations and keep them going through life as “terrified children”. The resulting deep rooted anxiety and depression lead to more complex problems, holding back the maturing process of their central nervous system. Sleep problems are often linked to these deeper needs.

Neurofeedback and neurodevelopment interventions promote the brain to let go of the “survival mode” patterns, no longer appropriate when the danger is from the past. These interventions facilitate a new “developmental mode” pattern allowing life to progress toward mature self-regulation.

We can also help to maintain good brain function, as people get older. We cannot stop the degeneration, but we can slow it down.

*Note: Neuroclinic Barrie (Neurofeedback and Neurodevelopment) as well as their agents do not diagnose nor prescribe for medical or psychological conditions nor claim to prevent, treat, mitigate or cure such conditions, but rather provide brain learning experiences aiming self-regulation that may benefit conditions linked to brain functions.