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Reading Comprehension

Visualizing and Verbalizing


A program for Cognitive Development, Comprehension and Thinking

Clinical research and experience shows a comprehension weakness that is rarely identified. This weakness often undermines the reading process. It is aweakness, based in the sensory system, in creating an “imaged gestalt:. That is what this program addresses efficiently.



Judy reads well but she does not understand what she is reading.


Judy has difficulty creating an imaged gestalt (to see the idea in her mind) or “concept imagery”. This weakness leads individuals to only get “parts” of the information they read or hear, but miss the whole meaning.


  • Reading and listening comprehension
  • Problem solving and critical Thinking and problem solving
  • Memory
  • Following directions
  • Oral and written expression
  • Grasping humor
  • Interpretating social situation
  • Cause and effect understanding


A program that develops concept imagery: the ability to create an image from language. The program develops the ability to verbalize and to visualize as well as the ability to integrate these abilities.