• Neurofeedback Training

    After 20 years of regular panic attacks, I thought it was normal to feel anxious! Neurofeedback training helped me to deeply experience being calm yet able to function…

    I was able to go back to work
    after 6 months of absence!

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  • Neuroplasticity

    According to the ATEC scoring, my son does not qualify anymore for autism. Yes, I agree with Normand Doidge:

    “…many ‘circuits’ and even basic reflexes that we think are hardwired, are not.”
    The Brain That Changes Itself

  • Assessment

    Analysing modes of physiological brain function and dysfunction

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  • Neurodevelopment Through Movement

    Giving the brain a “second chance” (Sally Goddard)

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  • An Efficient Brain

    Mental and emotional flexibility with stability

  • Optimal Brain Function

    “Neurofeedback training has helped out son to reach his true potential. Thank you so much.”
    – Parents of a young adult diagnosed Asperger





Very significant changes in just 1 year on a neurodevelopment program

One of the tests used to measure the child’s overall developmental progress is the test “Draw A Person.” It is a quantitative scoring system for human figure drawing, intended for use as a nonverbal measure of ability. It yields information on how the child perceives himself in space, and with appropriate norms how it compares with drawings of children of the same age.

*Note: this child did not practice drawing himself. *Note: this child did not practice drawing himself.

The first drawing on the left was done when this boy was 7-1/2 years old, before starting a neurodevelopmental program. The standardized norms show that his representation of himself was equivalent to a 4-1/2 year old, the first percentile, in the very below average rank. In other words, there were 99.9% children his age with a better self-image.

The second drawing on the right was done after working with his mother for 1-1/2 years (he was then 9 years old) with a neurodevelopmental program. The norms place him at an equivalent to almost 12 years old, in the 98th percentile rank, a very superior rank. In other words, there were only 2 out of 100 children of his age (8 years and 11 months) with a better self-image.


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