• Auditory Integration Training

    “My 10-year-old child stated after a couple of days into the AIT therapy: ‘The buzzing sound is gone!’. His reading and writing has improved. There has been a great decrease in anxiety.”

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  • Online Sessions

    “I have Rheumatoid Arthritis which is now in remission. I have a new flexibility and sleep very well. This has improved my quality of life.”
    – A 92 year old woman

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  • Neuroplasticity

    According to the ATEC scoring, my son does not qualify anymore for autism. Yes, I agree with Normand Doidge:

    “…many ‘circuits’ and even basic reflexes that we think are hardwired, are not.”
    The Brain That Changes Itself

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  • Assessment

    Analysing modes of physiological brain function and dysfunction

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  • Neurodevelopment Through Movement

    Giving the brain a “second chance” (Sally Goddard)

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  • An Efficient Brain

    Mental and emotional flexibility with stability
    “The constant busyness in my head, the constant shifting of tasks have all but stopped. I can focus more clearly…My listening skills have greatly increased. Highly recommend for anyone young or old.”

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  • Optimal Brain Function

    “NeuroMovement® was an integral part of my healing toolbox that helped me go from the couch with chronic daily pain to hiking a mountain.”

Brain Health

Brain Health


The services that we offer for the past 40 years are based on a deep conviction of “neuroplasticity” which is the brain’s ability to re-organize brain networking pathways by forming new neuron connections.

We have witnessed amazing improvement in our clients using neurodevelopment and neurofeedback training. Our integrative approach leads us to further encourage our clients to consider other health issues relating to brain functions.

The Brain-Gut Connection

In the past few years, increasing research have been reporting data and offering solutions to address brain-gut issues.

To name few:

Gut and Psychological Syndrom Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, Neurologist and nutritionist
Grain Brain and Brain Maker. Dr. David Perlmutter, Neurologist


Nutrition and Diet: nutrients with vitamins and minerals


Parisites and Mental Health

“Stupidity or Worms”: Do intestinal Worms Impair Mental performance. A 50 pages paper published in 1997 by the American Psychological Association.

Just to cite few lines of the paper:

“…any study of the relationship of psychology to neurology and immunology is incomplete without the inclusion of worms.”
“Three experimental studies have shown a causal relationship between deworming and improved memory, primarily the ability to scan and retrieve information from working memory… Findings about improved reaction time…attention, IQ and school performance.”


The Crucial Importance of Sleep in Brain Functions

Melatonin, often called the sleep hormone or hormone of darkness, is produced by the brain’s master hormone regulator, the pineal gland, for up to twelve hours each day. Melatonin is also an important antioxidant crucial in fighting many serious diseases. Normal production occurs only while your eyes remain in darkness. Nighttime exposure to artificial light from sources such as room lighting, televisions, computers, tablets or smartphones delays the start of the pineal gland’s production cycle. However it’s now known that blue light is the primary culprit that causes melatonin suppression.

Video clips with the renowned Dr Russel Reiter: the world’s leading authority on melatonin has spent his career investigating the mysteries of this critical hormone

Melatonin: Breakthrough Discoveries That Can Help You Combat Aging, Boost Your Immune System, Reduce Your Risk of Cancer and Heart Disease, Get a Better Night’s Sleep

Melatonin Better Than Expected

Melatonin: Best Optimal Cellular Physiology

Melatonin: Functional Significance for Optimal Cellular Physiology

Plant Physiology 2016 Conference Series LLC

Video clips with Dr.Jack Kruze, Neurosurgeon

Everything You Must Know About 5G & Blue Light

Low Blue Light

High quality unique eyewear, lighting products and filters designed to prevent blue light from ever reaching your eyes. When used in the hours leading to bedtime, these products promote maximum melatonin production which will improve your sleep & overall health. lowbluelights.com


Video Clips from Dr. Matthew Walker who wrote Why We Sleep

Sleep is you Super Power: Shocking details about the physical and psychological consequences of lack of sleep. Ted Talk

How to Improve your Sleep

Why We sleep


Toxic Chemical in Household Products

To name few : www.ewg.org

  • Bisphenol A, or BPA: the most studied endoctrine disruptor
  • Dioxins: hormone-related disruptor
  • Phthalates the chemicals interfere with testoterone and estradiol (an hormone that affects breast development)
  • Flame retardants: impact the thyroid and female infertility
  • Lead:interferes with the hormones that regulate your stress level
  • Arsenic: interferes with hormones that regulate your metabolism and immune system


The Electromagnetic Radiation and their biological effects

Electromagnetic Radiation includes AC Fields, DC Fields, Magnetic Fields, Electric Fields, Radio Frequency Waves. It is estimated that in the past 30 years our exposure to EMF has increased more than 1 million times.

Especially in the past 15 years, there is a growing threat to our brain’s health, a threat that the world has never encounter in the past: the impact of irregulad and erratic pulsed radio frequency emitted from our cell phones and the antennas that carry these waves.
We hear about a new syndrome that is all too real with sufferers of “electromagnetic hypersensitivity”. These video clips as well as websites and books suggested below, will help you to better understand the extend of these realities but also will offer some solutions and how to protect yourselves.


Expert Devra Davis Discusses Cell Phones and the Effects on People

Wifi, Microwaves and the Consequences to our Health



Important books

Disconnect by Devra Davis
The Electronic Silent Spring by Katie Singer
Dirty Electricity by Samuel Milham